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How Long Can You Keep Food In The Fridge?

How Long Can You Keep Food In The Fridge?

Eating a balanced diet is imperative to stay healthy, which is why you will need to keep several cold types of meat, dairy products, and a mixture of fruit in your fridge. Unfortunately, these items rarely come with a storage guide.

Every item of food you place in your fridge is different; however, you will find that there is a general rule of thumb when it comes to keeping these items fresh. Read on to find out how long you should be keeping your food in your fridge.


Dairy is a staple in most diets. You need things like milk, cheese, and butter to get your regular fix of calcium. However, these items are extremely perishable which means that they must be always kept inside a refrigerator. So, how long do these items keep?

Most experts agree that milk and yogurt will stay fresh for up to seven days if it is kept at a temperature below four degrees Celsius. Cheese and butter are a lot more sustainable, though. You can reliably keep these items in your fridge for up to three weeks before they start to deteriorate. Plus, these food items will show signs of mould once they become inedible. 

Cold Meats

Cold meats can represent anything from raw bacon to cooked slices of salami. When looking at how to store food in the fridge, many people agree that this type of meat should be kept on the bottom shelf of your fridge to prevent raw meat juice from contaminating any other food you have stored.

When deciding how to store food in your fridge, it is best to keep cold meats around for up to five days. Some other appliances vary, however. That is why it is always wise to check the refrigerator’s features and benefits before you buy it. Although, most appliances are only capable of keeping cold meats fresh for less than one week.


Fruits are tricky to quantify when it comes to storage. Some healthy snacks like bananas, apples, and oranges have a much longer shelf life. As such, these food items can remain out in the open in a bowl for over two weeks before turning rotten. However, most other fruits are far more perishable.

Things like peaches, apricots, grapes, and pineapples will only survive for up to five days in your fridge. That is why it is always a good idea to consult the use-by date. If the fruit Is clearly labelled with one of these numbers, then it is best stored in your fridge. However, anything else can be kept in the fridge if you wish, but they are also perfectly safe to keep in your fruit bowl.


Leftovers can define any food that has been cooked and saved for the next day. While these dishes can vary, it is best to consume leftover food within two days of placing it in the fridge. Also, you should only reheat the food once. 


Determining how to store food in your fridge isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Just consult this guide and you should be fine moving forward.

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