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9 Ways to Save Electricity at Home, It’s Easy!

9 Ways to Save Electricity at Home, It's Easy!

Well, to prevent the possibility of bill swelling, there are several ways to save electricity at home that can be applied. Curious about anything? Here’s the full guide.

Use energy-saving lamps

In general, energy-saving lamps are known to the public as LED lamps. This type of lamp is recommended to save electricity at home. The reason is, LED lights have optimal lighting even though the power required is smaller than other types of lamps. Currently there are many brands of LED lights that can be easily found in Indonesia. You can buy according to your budget.

Turn off the lights while sleeping

Some people may get used to sleeping in the light, so leave the light on all night. Of course, this is not the right step if you want to save electricity consumption at home. Instead, start getting used to turning off the lights while sleeping. The goal is that the use of electricity lamps can be further reduced.

Set a timer on the AC device

Living in Indonesia, which has a tropical climate, makes many people decide to use air conditioning or air conditioning at home. As a way to save AC electricity, you can install a timer on the electronic device. This means that the air conditioner will only turn on for the time specified by the timer.

Provide a fan at home

The electrical energy required for air conditioning or air conditioning is quite large. On the other hand, fans require less electrical energy. Therefore, Mom and Dad can consider providing a fan at home. solar fan

Solar Fan is an electronic device that can produce wind without the need for you to connect it to a power source. The way it works is also similar to the usual type of fan. You just need to press the “on” button.

The function of this fan can make the room temperature maintained and air circulation is better. In addition to its small size, there are several other advantages when using this one fan.

Then, What the Advantages of Using a Solar Fan?

Quoting from several sources, here are some of the advantages of using Solar Fan.

1. Easy to Move Around

Uniquely, this fan does not need to be placed at certain points, such as the floor or wall near the electric switch. You see, the way this fan works uses battery power so that it can be a savior when the power is out.

However, make sure to regularly charge the battery so that it can be used for a long time.

2. Multifunctionality

Besides being able to provide fresh air in the room, several types of portable fans are also multifunctional. One of them is a fan that has an emergency light.

So, when there is a power outage, you can use it either as a fan or a lamp, as follows

Use multifunctional lamps to make them more practical.

3. More Energy Efficient

Compared to other types of fans, this fan is considered more efficient because only a little energy is needed.

Quoting from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, excessive use of electrical energy can have an effect on environmental health, such as greenhouse gas emissions. So, you can play a role in protecting the earth and our environment.

4. Has Many Variations

This fan model has various variations based on different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Well, you can choose it according to your needs at home. If you want a fan with an emergency light to be practical, you can choose a fan with a handle and a larger size. So, you can put it on the table.

5. Can be Used in a Narrow Room

The use of this type of fan does not really require a large space. In fact, you can put it right on a small workbench. You can also store it in any part of the house according to comfort.

6. Reduce Stuffiness

The main function of the fan is to reduce the feeling of stuffiness. Moreover, living in a country that has a tropical climate like Indonesia, of course we need fresh air indoors.

Well, you can use this fan in summer to make it feel cool in the room.

Those are some of the advantages of using Solar Fan in everyday life.


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Use solar panels at home

Have you ever heard of a device called a solar panel? This is a device that can convert sunlight energy into electrical energy. Generally, solar panels are installed on the roof of the house, so they can absorb sunlight optimally.

Besides being able to save electricity consumption, installing solar panels at home is also environmentally friendly. The reason is, this device utilizes sunlight which is quite a lot in tropical countries, such as Indonesia.

Based on data from the Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR), there were at least 4,258 solar panel users in in 2021. This number is predicted to continue to increase because it effectively saves electricity bills at home.

That was the way to save electricity at home that Mom and Dad could try to apply. The goal is of course so that electricity bills can be controlled properly and do not swell every month. Good luck in saving electricity, yes!

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