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Take a Load Off With Your Very Own Fatboy Bean Bag

Take a Load Off With Your Very Own Fatboy Bean Bag

If you’ve never heard of a Fatboy bean bag, it’s high time for you to try one. Not only does the Fatboy bean bag provide you with a stylish and classy piece of furniture, it’s also a great spot to sit and relax. The Fatboy bean bag is made of sturdy, durable materials. It offers comfortable seating as well as full support for your body. Because of the millions of soft pearls inside the bean bag, the shape can be changed to fit your style and mood. Want to lie down? Get your Fatboy bean bag. Want to sit back? Use the Fatboy bean bag! Want to sit up and do some work with a fully supported lower back? You guessed it! Your Fatboy bean bag is the perfect choice.

In the bedroom or in your garden

The Fatboy bean bag can be used anywhere you want. Choose between a huge number of different types of bean bags. Use it in your living room, office, bedroom, outside in the garden or even at the beach. Because your Fatboy bean bag is very light and portable, it is possible to take it anywhere. Use the Buggle-up bean bag with the handy straps, buy the junior bean bag if your kids ‘borrowed’ yours and you want your Fatboy bean bag back. You can even choose an outside bean bag that is extra durable and tough. Even in the worst possible weather, the Fatboy bean bag will be fine. A bit wet, but fine. As soon as your bean bag has dried you can once again sit on it comfortably.

A Fatboy in the pool

Take your swimming pool adventures to a higher level with a Floatzac floating bean bag. This waterproof Fatboy bean bag floats and opens up a world of possibilities. Use it to relax in the pool or by the pool. You can even play with it and use it as a boat or surfing board. The Fatboy bean bags are a lot more sturdy than a simple air mattress, more comfortable than any sofa and prettier than your most beautiful piece of furniture.

The most comfortable gift

Are you enjoying your Fatboy bean bag and do you want to share your positive experiences with the world? That’s very understandable! Lucky for you and áll of your friends, the Fatboy bean bag is also the perfect gift. Buy a Fatboy bean bag for your best friend, your lover, your parents, your favourite niece or the next door neighbours. Once they’ve had a taste of the pure comfort of a Fatboy bean bag, they won’t be able to resist a relaxing sitting session. With you, or without you. But that’s okay, because you’ll have your own bean bag to enjoy.

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