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Choose The Right Type of Curtains for Children’s Room

Choose The Right Type of Curtains for Children's Room

Many parents would agree that decorating a child’s room, be it a nursery for a newborn or a bedroom for a teenager, is as hard as it is thrilling. 

Choosing the right lastetoa kardinad is an integral part of the design process, for that is the space where your child can truly be themselves, where they can rest and relax after a tiring day at school. But it’s also important to remember that you, as a parent, are not a permanent fixture in your child’s room and hence, all the decisions should be in sync with your kid’s likings and preferences.

There are a lot of options available in the market to choose from, which may vary drastically making it overwhelming to shop but the following vital pointers will make things easier to decide-


While decorating a child’s room, the primary focus needs to be safety, like if it has an element that could be a choking hazard, if the material’s eco-friendly or not, if it’s thick enough to block unwanted presences, if the colour is too bright on the eyes or if the length is too easy to pull- it’s all part of what should be considered before making a final purchase because children can be extremely careless and clumsy at times, causing them to be extra prone to getting hurt.

Age and Gender-

Kids belonging to different age groups and genders are most likely to have a distinguished taste. For example- a four-year-old girl could be very much into furry animals and Disney stories whereas a nine-year-old boy could be obsessing over superheroes and fighter toys. Neglecting their taste at the time could make them feel unseen in their identity. 

Room Dimensions-

Keep in mind the size of the room, the dimensions of the window, the placement of the furniture etc. because all that will be a massive deciding factor in choosing the right curtains as it will ultimately affect the visual aesthetic of the room. 


Checking for the fabric’s material and texture is just as important as the colours and patterns it would carry because there are times when one single room acts like a child’s study, playroom and bedroom, which means that clutter and dirt are inevitable. And at times like that, a fabric that is tough enough to handle frequent trips to the laundry for washing is suitable for all the moods and not too easy to ruin is the most feasible choice. A light flowing, simple fabric would be the best option.

Colour and Pattern-

Playing with various colours and patterns available is the most exciting part of shopping for a child’s room as there is a lot of scopes for exploring possibilities. 

It is important to remember that nobody, regardless of age, wants a gloomy and dull room. Preferring bright colours and fun, graphic patterns over something monochromatic or plain, would not only make the room a little happier but it will also display a lot of personality, which will help your child in feeling secure in their own choices. 

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