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6 Tips for Choosing the Most Effective Air Purifier for Cleaning the Air in Your Home

Indoor air quality is very important for health. With the advancement of technology at this time, now the air in the room can be better with the help of an air purifier or air purifier. An air purifier is not the same as a diffuser! If the diffuser has a function to humidify the air and provide a soothing aroma through water vapor, the air purifier functions to filter the air around the room by filtering impurities in the air. Thanks to this air purifier, the air in the room will be of higher quality because it is clean from dust, germs, and even viruses.

6 Tips for Choosing the Most Effective Air Purifier for Cleaning the Air in Your Home

For urban people, clean air seems to have become a luxury due to the amount of air pollution everywhere.

Moreover, during a pandemic like today, clean and quality air is very important to help reduce the spread of the virus and improve health at home.

In addition to having a variety of functions and benefits, the way to use an air purifier is also quite easy. It’s even as easy as turning on the AC or fan in general. So, currently, air purifiers are in great demand by the public, households, and offices. However, not all types of air purifiers have a maximum function. So you have to know about tips on choosing an air purifier that suits your needs. If you choose the wrong one, the air purifier’s performance will be less than optimal. Come on, look at the tips for choosing an effective and appropriate air purifier!

Fortunately, nowadays there is a tool called an air purifier that can help you bring clean air to your home. As the name implies, this tool has a function to filter dirty air from a room in the house, then release it again so that the air will be cleaner and safer to breathe. At this time you can find and get an air purifier at the air purifier manufacturer.

Before you decide to buy, it would be nice if you identify the types of air purifiers based on their superior functions and choose the one that best suits your needs.

How to choose the most effective air purifier

The following are tips for choosing the most effective Air Purifier:

  1. Knowing the Types and Functions of the Air Purifier

The first way to choose the best air purifier is to know the type and its superior function. The reason is, several types of air purifiers can be adjusted according to needs, such as protection from cigarette smoke, dust, allergies, and so on. Here are some types of air purifiers that you should know:

  • Carbon filter, namely an air purifier that utilizes a profiler system commonly used to remove odors.
  • Ionizer, which is an air purifier that functions to release ions that are beneficial for health. This type is often found in diffusers.
  • Plasmacluster, which is a type of air purifier that produces OH radicals and releases them into the air. This OH radical serves to eliminate germs.
  • UV light generator, which is an air purifier that produces UV rays to kill germs, but cannot clean the remaining mold and dust.
  1. Pay attention to the range of the air purifier

6 Tips for Choosing the Most Effective Air Purifier for Cleaning the Air in Your Home

The next tip for choosing an air purifier is knowing the cleaning range. The best air purifiers have a wide cleaning range. This can be seen from the CADR value it has. As an illustration, to clean a room of 30 square meters requires a CADR of 200. The higher the CADR, the more effective the air purifier is in cleaning the air.

However, keep in mind that the wider the cleaning range, the easier the filter will get dirty because the more air you have to clean. So, cleaning the filter must be done at least once a month to maintain the performance of the air purifier.

  1. Adjust the resulting cleaning capacity with the room to be given the air purifier

In addition to the range, the next thing that must be considered in choosing the best air purifier is the resulting cleaning capacity. For example, if the room you want to clean the air in is 5×5 meters, then choose an air purifier that can clean the air with a cleaning capacity of 10×10 meters. So, the air in the room can be cleaned quickly.

  1. Consider the energy efficiency required by the air purifier with its capacity and scope

This energy efficiency is related to the performance of the air purifier itself in cleaning the air. The greater the energy required to clean the air, the wider the capacity and coverage should be. Therefore, try to compare several brands related to the electrical power needed with their capacity and range.

  1. Choose an air purifier that has a superior filter

Every air purifier must have a filter to absorb and filter the air. However, the best air purifiers also have superior filters that other brands or types may not have. For example, a superior filter capable of cleaning the air 10x cleaner, an antibacterial filter, or an air filter capable of producing a special aroma. With these superior filters, it means that the air purifier has more features and better cleaning capabilities.

  1. Adjust the budget by considering the superior features

The last important thing before buying an air purifier that you should pay attention to is adjusting to the existing budget. If you only need an air purifier for a small room, then make a budget for an air purifier with a capacity and range that fits the room. Also, consider the supporting features. Some air purifiers for small rooms usually combine the functions of an air purifier and a diffuser in one device.

That’s information about 6 tips for choosing the most effective air purifier to clean the air in your home. Hopefully what we present can be useful for all of you.

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