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5 Easy Tips for Protecting Your Walls with Easy to Clean Backsplash

5 Easy Tips for Protecting Your Walls with Easy to Clean Backsplash

The beauty of any home is partly a result of beautiful and protective wall coverings. In this article, we shall consider the application of backsplashes in protecting your wall.

Backsplashes are an interesting way of adding pattern and color to the walls while also playing the role of defending them (walls) from splashes and spills. Correct use of materials as presented in the opinions and reviews of experts on can bring creativity to every corner of your home.

Below are five easy tips for protecting your walls with easy to clean backsplash

1. Add Peel and Stick Tiles

This is a backsplash solution that is easier to install around the existing bedroom, kitchen, and living room cabinets and home appliances to avoid dripping detergent and other sticky materials on the wall. The peel and stick tiles are available in different styles such as classic subway tile and rustic wood planks. This design commensurate the home decoration and gives a perfect outlook on nature. The application of these peel and stick tiles requires a professional service provider, who is grounded with knowledge around interior decoration

2. Application of A Beaded-Board Backsplash

The entryway of a home is one of the busiest paths of the home as every guest will always want to see it clean at all times. However, the application of a paneled backsplash on the wall of the home will lend great protection to areas in the home where shoes and bags are kept. The construction of a higher baseboard is an incognito backsplash that prevents stains from shoes to splatter on the walls.

3. Use of A Bulletin Board Backsplash

In our various offices and workstations either home or elsewhere, the walls behind the desks are susceptible to stains from ink from a pen, coffee splashes spill from lunch among others. The installation of a bulletin board backsplash will help protect the walls and make it very easy to clean if the need arises. To make it fancier, it can be laced with a modular approach that combines materials such as chalkboard, pegboard, paper surfaces, which makes it resistible to stains and easy to clean.

4. Installation of Wainscoting

This easy-to-clean backsplash is quite essential when designing our breakfast or dinner banquette. It is done by running a beadboard through the walls behind dinner seats, to prevent accidental splatter during the eating process. Wainscoting uses durable and washable fabrics that can easily be cleaned up in case of any spillage.

5. Installation of Scrubbable Wallpaper

Several budget-friendly backsplash wallpapers are scrubbable and easy to clean, which makes them resistant to moisture. In case of any splash from dining or dripping of oil, ink, or other substance, stains on the backsplash can be easily scrubbed off or replaced given the emergence of temporary wallpapers in our homes today.


The introduction of a backsplash as a wall guide will not only help maintain the beauty of our home but also gives a sign of respect with regards to neatness, from guests to the homeowners. It is also worth knowing that the use of contrasting or colorful grout makes a backsplash exquisite and catchy to color-inclined guests.