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Five signs that it’s time to replace your windows

Damaged or warped windows will need replacing

Windows won’t last forever, but if you ensure they are good quality and regularly maintained, they could last for around 20 years. But damaged, warped or broken windows will probably need replacing. Other factors come into play too, but if the windows are beyond repair, it’s time to go shopping.

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If the problem with the window is relatively minor, it is possible to carry out a repair. However, problems such as draughts coming in and windows sticking when trying to open them are all signs that they need to be replaced.

If your home looks generally tired overall, replacing the windows can help freshen it up quite a bit. As they are the most prominent feature of the house, they are the elements that attract kerb appeal, and if they are warped or worn, replacing them can add value to the house. A good tip, if feasible, is to install larger windows to allow more light to flow through the property. This increased light can lead to a more appealing home.

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Time to reduce your energy bill

If you are planning to make changes to you home such as fitting some double glazing in Cheltenham, double glazing in Cheltenham will provide a friendly, professional service.

According to Yorkshire Life work has begun to restore medieval glass as part of an £11million project at the famous York Minster.

Reducing your energy bill is a goal for many, and if you get rid of draughty windows, your energy bill could see a reduction of around 10% to 25%. Replacing the windows with more energy-efficient ones can save you plenty of cash, and if you are considering selling, listing your house for sale with new windows fitted and the resulting energy savings can be a big attraction for prospective buyers.

Single-pane windows allow the infiltration of noise into the home, so opting for double-glazed will eradicate most disturbances from outside.

If you regularly see condensation building up on the windows, you may need to replace them because the damage could already be done. If the condensation appears between the two panes of glass, this is a sign that the window seals are not working as they should and that it’s time to replace them.

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