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What Are The Basic Steps On How To Naturally Get Better Sleep?

What Are The Basic Steps On How To Naturally Get Better Sleep?

According to reports, few people get the required amount of sleep at night. About half of the global adult population sleep fewer than six hours at night, a situation that can and often escalates into severe health challenges. The recommendation is to aim for 8 hours and above. A good night sleep can improve memory, reduce stress and help with weight loss.

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Some tips to help you improve your sleep naturally include:

Go to bed at the same time every day

Developing a sleep routine will repair the biological clock that has been upset over time. Try to go to bed at the same time every day including weekends and holidays.

Aerobic Exercise

It has been proven by researchers that people who are involved in aerobic exercises get quality sleep compared to those who are not. Apart from getting enough sleep, they also have more vitality, do not suffer from depression and are less likely to feel sleepy during the day. The trick here is to finish the exercise several hours before going to bed

Watch your diet

Changing your diet might be necessary if you suffer from chronic insomnia. Foods and drinks that contain caffeine are bad for the body. Examples of such drinks are soft drinks, tea and coffee. Dinner should not be heavy, but light. Finish dinner hours before you go to bed. Don’t take spicy foods because spicy foods can disrupt your sleep by causing indigestion and heartburn.

Stop smoking

One of the many disadvantages associated with smoking is that some smokers do not feel rested upon waking. This is caused by the nicotine in the cigarette. Smoking also worsens sleep apnea and other breathing disorders like asthma which will disrupt a good night’s sleep. In essence, smoking affects sleep negatively.

Avoid alcohol

Aside from smoking, alcohol affects sleep patterns that reduce the refreshing feeling expected upon waking up. Alcohol may help you sleep initially but once the effect wears off, you will wake up feeling worse for the wear, as getting a good night sleep or going back to sleep afterwards may become difficult.

Don’t watch television an hour before bedtime

A lot of people are guilty of this. People watch television, laptops, play video games or use their cellphones even while lying in bed, and this has been proven to affect sleep patterns terribly. Those devices emit blue light which affects the brain and makes it hard to sleep. It is better to build better digital habits and reduce your screen time. Make sure you put these gadgets away some hours before you go to bed.

Sleep alone

According to some research, more than fifty percent of people that sleep on the same bed with their dogs and kids have disrupted periods of sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, you can try sleeping alone and see if it improves your sleep.

Sleep in the dark

It is better to keep the room as dark as possible to get a good night’s sleep. Light keeps you awake, and any kind of light can disrupt your sleep. That is why it is advisable not to keep the light on or handle electronic gadgets like the phone at night because these gadgets emit lights which affects the production of a hormone called melatonin. This hormone regulates our sleep cycles and helps us get that required beauty sleep.