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Things to Know Before You Buying Wine cellar cooler and fridge.

Things to Know Before You Buying Wine cellar cooler and fridge.

Hearing terms like a wine cellar, cooler or wine fridge causes wine lovers everywhere to clutch their glasses in panic – what do all these terms mean? Are they so vastly different that it’s impossible to choose the best option for home use? Well, yes and no. These terms are often interchangeably, so phrases like a tall, slim wine fridge, wine cabinet and wine column are slung into conversations with abandon. If we’re being pernickety, there are minor differences, but there is still no need to stuff your bottles into the kitchen fridge and feign ignorance. Read on, and all will be made clear.

What is the Difference?

A wine cellar is an appliance meant to store wine with preservation in mind. This can be a temperature-controlled room or an electrical device with a compressor that generates a wine-loving environment. A wine fridge would also fall into this category. A wine cooler is an alcoholic beverage with wine, fruit juice and carbonation, and an electrical appliance to keep your wine chilled. The difference is that a cooler is not as ideal for long-term storage as a cellar or fridge. It must be noted that some coolers are mislabelled wine fridges, so decide for yourself after viewing the details.

What Do You Want From A Wine Storage Appliance?

Wine does not like light, especially sunlight, so UV resistant doors are a must for free-standing models. Having enough space to store your wine collection is essential, and experienced fridge owners recommend buying an appliance more significant than you think you’ll need. Collections grow naturally, and there are always surprise bottles needing a good home. Larger units should have wooden shelving to protect bottles and cushion against vibrations. Deciding to buy a wine appliance takes a bit of thought and research.

Size Matters

A smaller cooler or mini-wine fridge would be ideal for those with just a few bottles to be consumed in the short term. These also have the benefit of fitting anywhere, whether it’s on a countertop or under the desk at the office. No judgment there; Friday meetings drag on. A decent-sized wine fridge or cellar is the way forward for larger collections and to store for future enjoyment. Decide where you want your fridge to be before purchasing to avoid space and decor issues. A large sleek free-standing model adds a luxurious look to any entertainment area. For those with bespoke cabinetry, a built-in unit may be preferred, with discretion being uppermost. In the latter instance, ensure the cabinet will allow enough space for vital airflow and that the model has no protruding parts or overhangs that need to be allowed for. Placement should be on a level surface with enough space for airflow.

Future Thinking

Once you have chosen your appliance, research it and the brand before buying. Established brands will have better service, and no future repairs will be without drama. The guarantee length ranges from one to three years. Like any appliance, your new wine fridge will need to be cleaned and maintained regularly

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