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History of The Company

The Elite started its work 15 years ago, and every day we are constantly thriving. Our owner David Neal dedicated his life to his job and created a successful business, filled with positive energy and great employees. By providing quality to our customers, we have managed to build a small empire in this city. If you have satisfied customers, your job will bloom, simple as that.


Great shop and excellent service, they have a wide selection of furniture, and I equipped my home in one week.


This store is just awesome, so many great things to buy here, when I enter here, I just don’t know to get out.


Great service, great staff, very friendly and welcoming. Whenever I visit them, they jump in to help me with my selection.


Once you start with Elite, you will never go to another store, their products are so amazing, and my house is like from another world


I have been buying in this shop for the last ten years, all my friends took my advice and became their customers.


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