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Getting to Know Heating, Must Know Before Buying!

Getting to Know Heating, Must Know Before Buying!

Using a space heater is indeed the easiest step to neutralize the condition of the room, especially when winter arrives or you really live in the highlands. If you plan to buy this tool, first consider the following explanation.

If you live in an urban area, the heat might be your daily companion. This is usually overcome by using an air conditioner, but what if winter or rain comes?

Well, the role of heating is very important in this case. Missing temperature conditions, of course, causes several problems for the body, the most common of which, of course, is a cold or fever, right?

If your house is located in the highlands or even you are on vacation to a high area, try to find lodging that provides accommodation for this tool.

The rainy season has arrived and makes the weather cold especially at night. For those of you who are not strong against cold air, a thick blanket is effective enough to warm the body. However, if it’s still not enough, heating can be an alternative.

Heating is generally used in countries that have cold or snowy winters. If in the past heating still used a fireplace and expelled the smoke through the chimney, now heating devices are even more practical.

There are several types of heating such as electric, portable, automatic oscillation, to digital control. Before choosing a room heater, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the types, whether infrared or conventional. For this type of infrared it is only felt when it is in an area affected by a heating wave. While conventional is said to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The size of the room must also be considered. Make sure the room doesn’t have a lot of objects that can start a fire.

Apart from heating the room, another benefit of space heating is health. For those of you who are prone to colds or skin allergies during the rainy season, it is recommended to use a room heater to keep your body temperature warm and humid.

This type of heater for health is combined with a humidifier. Humidifiers work by spraying water vapor into the air and keeping the air moist. It also has benefits such as preventing dry skin, chapped lips, colds, and sore throats. However, don’t overuse this tool.

What is Heating?

This tool is used to heat the room (tend to be small) and is usually used portable or attached to the wall. Both of these models were created to be tailored to the needs.

If your room is large, maybe you need a few more tools to accommodate it.

This tool provides focused and localized heat, so it is especially suitable for people who are elderly, sick or have limited mobility.

Secondary Heating Source

Ideally, space heating is better used as a secondary or additional heating source. Because one heating device is limited to warm in a certain volume of space. If you want a higher heat volume, it may be possible to use multiple devices in one room.

Usage Considerations

When deciding to use or use heating, several considerations certainly need to be considered for the purpose you want. Here is an explanation for your needs

  1. You want to heat the room for a few hours : for this, you need to use a convector type of heater. This type of heater is the right choice if you need heating for several hours at a time. Even though it tends to take longer for the heating process to take place, this type of heater is easy to use through features such as a thermostat or timer.
  2. You want space heating in a short time: If you want a shorter time, you need to use radiant heaters or radiant heaters. This type of radiant heater focuses on heating what is in front of the device, that’s why it doesn’t take that long. Unlike the previous type (convector warmer), radiant does not achieve an even heat level, nor does it have a thermostat or timer feature.

Type Based on Fuel

Heating has 2 types of fuel consumption options, such as gas or electric heaters. There are two options that can be adjusted according to needs.

Both gas and electricity, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Heating can consume a lot of energy and if used for a long period of time of course increases costs more than a central heating system. Reporting from cse.org.uk, the following is an explanation

Electric Warmer

Electric heaters are considered to be 100% efficient by converting electrical energy into heat. However, it does also does not mean the use of electricity is also efficient in terms of costs.

To estimate the cost, you need to look at the power rating, which is shown in kilowatts (kW). If the higher the rating, it also generates more heat, but the cost may also be higher.

Of course, the choice of electric type heating needs to be considered carefully. If you choose randomly, maybe you will deal with unexpected bills, but maybe you don’t really feel the impact of using this tool.

If you plan to choose the type of electric heater, you can get the following considerations by looking at some of the features in it

  • Make sure the heater has a timer. But if not, you can buy a timeswitch for the plug at the point of sale
  • Avoid using a long time when you are in rush hour
  • Thermostats can reduce operating costs, although reducing many factors that also reduce operating costs such as room size, insulation level and several other things

Gas Warmer

Gas radiators are unique from electric ones, gas heaters usually tend to be more affordable than electric heaters. However, if you compare efficiency with electric heaters, not all of the gas energy can be changed over into heat yield into the room (some is lost as exhaust gas, moisture and light creation).

When purchasing a gas type heater, the considerations are the need to check current safety regulations, whether there are combustion gas vents and humidity outside the home or whether there is a chimney in your home. This is useful as a security element in the event of a leak.

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