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Some Ant Control Tips And Strategies

Ants are insects that live in colonies and are mostly attracted to any food which is left uncovered. Well, we face so many ant issues where they ruin our food. When you decide on getting a treatment to get rid of these ants make sure the treatment will include killing the entire colony of the ants. The very first step that needs to be taken towards ant control is an inspection.

If you want to find the nests of the ants, make sure you follow the trails that they lay. These trails actually help the ants in easily finding their food. Inside your house, the ants might be on the edges of your carpet, windows, doors and do not forget to look in the kitchen area, since this is their all-time favourite. When you want to carry an inspection outside your house check the foundation walls, the vegetation area, and the mulch as well.

What are the ant control tips and strategies?

Your ant control strategy should mainly focus on the type of infestation and the type of ant that is responsible.

  • Ants that live outdoors and forage in the homes: these ants that live outside enter your homes in search of food. Make sure you clean the entry points with detergent which helps in removing the chemical trail which is created by the ants and then sprays non-repellent residual insecticide around the perimeter and the entry points.
  • Ants that nest inside your home: ant baits are very useful in controlling ants. This is one safe method that can be used around pets and even children. Ant baits come in various forms like gels, granules and even stations.
  • Do not forget the carpenter ants: carpenter ants are most active during the evening time while foraging for their food both inside as well as outside the homes, but they go into the woods to make their nests, these carpenter ants do not eat wood as their food though. You can make use of a non-repellent insecticide to minimize the risk of these ants.

What are the steps that can be taken to prevent the infestation by carpenter ants?

  • Make sure all the trees and bushes are well trimmed from time to time in such a way that they do not the house.
  • All the moisture issues must be fixed on time like leaky roofs and plumbing matters.
  • Make sure you remove all the dead stumps on the property and store firewood off the ground and away from the structure.
  • Reduce or eliminate any contact with soil.

You need to make sure that the ant control approaches not only kill the ants that are seen by you but also prevent them from returning. Thus, the treatment should be effective enough so that it can penetrate and destroy all the colonies of the ants. Apart from this, you can also opt for some home remedies which are considered to be quite effective in the prevention of ants in your homes.