Pros And Cons Of Karndean Vinyl LooseLay Flooring

Vinyl flooring is probably the most accessible and straightforward option for those who don’t want to waste too much time and money installing a floor for their homes or offices. Flooring made of vinyl looselay products are typically durable, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain, plus they cost a lot less than other tiles.

What Is Karndean Vinyl LooseLay Flooring?

Because vinyl is relatively inexpensive to buy and install compared to other flooring options, a lot of people come to believe that installing vinyl flooring is cheap, tacky, and inelegant. This may be true of some low-quality brands, but Karndean vinyl flooring is made from a different cloth.

Karndean Vinyl LooseLay Flooring is globally recognized as the top brand of luxury vinyl flooring options. Their products feature what they call “K-Wave” friction grip backing, which efficiently holds the vinyl planks in place using friction and weight. Furthermore, the Karndean collection features an impressive selection of designs and colors to choose from, which manage to replicate the look and feel of natural materials realistically.

The Pros: First, we’re going to discuss the top advantages of using this type of flooring. Read on to know more about the benefits of vinyl looselay flooring:

  • Vinyl Looselay Flooring Is Very Simple To InstallKarndean looselay flooring is very easy to install, since you don’t have to use adhesives or staples, plus it doesn’t use a “clicklock” system as well. All that is needed is to cut the vinyl planks into the shape and size you need, set it into the desired position, and friction takes care of the rest. Installers who are already comfortable with these products will typically finish laying them down in a room in less time than you would expect.
  • Vinyl Looselay Flooring Is Also Easy To Remove And Reinstall – The features that make vinyl looselay flooring easy to install also help to make them easy to remove and reinstall if you need to. Now, who can say that about other types of flooring? Looselay flooring doesn’t take a lot of work to remove, so if a homeowner wants to redecorate a room, for example, he/she can easily redo even the floors and have the flooring reinstalled in another location as desired.

For example, if you ever need to replace a Karndean vinyl plank, all you have to do is lift the plank to be replaced and drop in a new one. Just make sure, of course, that the original piece is the same size and shape as the piece that was removed.

  • It Looks Luxurious And Gorgeous – As mentioned above, Karndean is a globally-recognized name if you are looking for luxury vinyl flooring. It costs less than installing a hardwood floor, but the finished product will look like a realistic, polished version with the particular aesthetic you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a natural stone surface for your living room or a warm hardwood floor for the bedroom, you can find a design at Karndean.

The Cons: Installing vinyl looselay flooring does have a few drawbacks that you might like to know about:

  • The Term “Loose Lay” Is Used Differently By Different Companies – The term “looselay” can be very confusing, particularly because a lot of different companies use the terminology in different ways. A lot of manufacturers make similar flooring products, but if you take the time to do a bit of research, you’ll find out that even if they use “looselay” in describing their products, it can mean entirely different things.

Some companies also have similar flooring options that they describe as “loose lay”, but turn out to be Click-Lock systems. There are also some brands that indeed do not use adhesives, but are still just vinyl sheets, not vinyl tiles or planks like what Karndean has.

  • Looselay Vinyl Flooring Can Develop Seams – This only happens if the flooring is installed poorly and installed in areas where a lot of people pass by or use the room frequently, so if you’re installing Karndean flooring, you need to be mindful where you install it, and maybe have it done by the pros instead.

It’s always a good idea to have your flooring installed by professionals who know what they are doing, whether you want to install commercial carpeting, vinyl floors from Karndean, a Stanton carpet, or laminate flooring from Mannington Floors.

  • It’s Only Available In Planks – This can be a disadvantage for people who are expecting to get vinyl sheets instead. As of the moment, Karndean looselay vinyl flooring is only available in plank format. This is probably because most of their products are designed to replicate the look and feel of natural stone or wood. Also, Karndean products are only available in the rectangular form, not squares as you would expect from vinyl sheets or tiles.

If you’d prefer a broader selection, you can also take a look at Shaw flooring options, where they carry residential and commercial carpets, vinyl flooring, and other options. Stanton carpets might even be able to offer new options for you.

Vinyl flooring is a convenient option for those looking to install durable, affordable floors in their homes or offices. With Karndean, you can get all of the features of ordinary vinyl floors, plus the added benefits of a gorgeous selection of designs and patterns to provide a luxurious aesthetic to any room.