Living Room Furniture

Large living rooms: Quick ways to create yours

We might not all have the megabucks required to extend our home, or even start manipulating the space by repositioning walls. However, what is most definitely possible in today’s day and age is the ability to trick the eye.

In other words, today’s article is all about how you can tap into quirky techniques which can help you make your living room space much larger than it really is. After all, this is probably one of the rooms in your home where you spend the most time in, while it’s also probably the one where you are most likely to entertain guests. Ultimately, looking small and intimate isn’t really the best option.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best advice to help you transform the appearance of your small living room.

You might not be able to purchase your first-choice furniture

In an ideal world, a lot of us might have those huge modern corner sofas, and everything else that shouts our premium. With smaller living rooms, you have to think outside the box somewhat.

This means that your furniture choices are key, and opting for small pieces are going to do the overall look of your room no-end of favors. It’s all about scale and if you can choose those tables, sofas and other items that are just a little leaner, you’ll soon find that your floor space expands terrifically.

The scale rule works with lighting as well

We spoke about scale in the previous section, but it can be applicable to each and every element of your living room. Lighting is no exception and when you do have a smaller space, having a huge ceiling light is going to emphasize this.

Instead, get creative. Take a look at these delicate ceiling lights by Pagazzi, and perhaps supplement them with wall lights and other sources to help illuminate the room from smaller, multiple sources.

On the subject of lighting…

Now that we are on the topic of lighting, we should also talk about the natural-factor. Lighting fixtures are great, but something which is even better comes from natural light from the outside.

This is something that can reflect light around the room, which has been found by countless studies to trick the eye into thinking it’s larger than it really is. Of course, we’re not suggesting that you should install additional windows here, but simple tips like placing a mirror opposite a light source can multiply the effect of natural light and make your living room appear much more sizeable.

Make the light spread to the walls

As you may have gathered already, playing with light is one of the best tricks you can do when it comes to these small spaces. This next point is all about paint and making sure that the walls of your room are as light as can be. It doesn’t have to be white, any light shade will suffice, but the point we’re trying to make is that lighter walls will fool the eye into thinking the space is larger than it really is. If you do want to add a splash of dark, at least have this on the lower section of the walls before getting lighter as the eye draws upwards. This will actually make the room feel taller than it is.