How to Add a Touch of Thai Decor to Your Home

Creating the perfect home that you feel comfortable in and proud of is a multi-layered project. Besides just having good bones, the home needs to reflect a sense of uniqueness and your own personality. One of the easiest ways to go about accomplishing this design feat is to pick a theme that you can carry throughout the space, which offers flow and that sense of personalization.

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One theme, or decorating trend that is always fashionable, is to choose a country or region and use it for design inspiration. If you feel particularly drawn to the Asian culture, then you may want to consider adding a touch of Thai décor to your home. This can be done through a number of steps, as we will discuss.

Use Thai-Made Furniture

There’s no better way to add authenticity to your Thai-inspired home than by purchasing furniture Thailand through a place like Euro Creations. This can be your springboard for the entire home design project, and can be that “wow factor” in your house.

Make Use of Teak

When it comes to materials that are found in Thai homes, teak wood is among one of the most popular. Teak is used for flooring, furniture, doors, windows, and wainscoting. Today, teak is one of the most sought-after woods in Thailand thanks to the fact that only around 17% of the forest remains. With that said, you aren’t going to want to go overboard on the teak, maybe just a small touch here or there.

Great ideas include teak wall hangings, a teak picture frame, small stool, decorative teak plates, or other small items.

Stock Up on Ceramic Decor Items

Another popular item found in Thai homes is ceramic. If you want it to have that true sense of Thai authenticity though, look for ceramic pieces that are green and resemble jade with gold touches on it. This is reminiscent of the Benjarong pieces that came about during the King Rama V reign. These pieces can include plates, cups, bowls, vases, and any other decorative item.

Choose a Bright and Lively Color Palette

Another tip is to choose a bright and lively color palette using such colors as green, gold, red, rush, and rich brown. The great thing about this color palette is that it’s extremely versatile and allows you to go as bold or as subdued as you like.

For example, maybe you don’t want your family room to be too overwhelming, so rather than paint it a rich red or yellow, opt for something soft and simple on the walls and then add in all those pops of color through the décor pieces.

This color palette is also incredibly warm and welcoming, which sets off a fabulous vibe in your home.

A Lovely and Welcome Thai-Inspired Home

By using these tips, you’ll be able to create a home that is not only visually stunning and inspired by all things Thailand, but it will also appeal to others and feel incredibly welcoming.