Getting A Good Pool Installed Takes Special Consideration

Building a pool in your backyard is a huge undertaking. It is also a wonderful addition to a house. However, pool construction is a costly affair and can be even more so if not handled properly. Bad contractors will nickel and dime you, overcharge for basic work, and preform shoddy installation. In order to protect yourself it is necessary to follow a few guidelines.

Pick More Than One

Contractors live on referrals, repeat business, and word of mouth. They also want to work more than anything, which gives consumers wiggle room on price. This is only effective if you have something to compare with. So first find a few reliable contractors. You can use the internet, friends, and family to pinpoint good ones. If looking a pool contractor annapolis md, research first.

Good contractor has a wealth of good reviews, people close to you will recommend them, and whole internet forums will be dedicated to their work. Bad contractors have a wealth of complaints. Once you have used this information to find some good contractors, go on their site and vet them. Look into their experience, their referrals, look at their style set. Fine out everything you can.

Once they have been vetted and you have about three that you like, price compare the three to find the best deal. Now you can bargain with other companies and get them top either price match or even go under. Remember, part of this process requires negotiation. The contractor will offer you a quote and you will return with a counter offer. Having other companies price fame on hand simply gives you the upper hand.

Peruse Styles

Contractors have limits on what they can do, often times this can make or break a deal. If you want an elaborate fountain attached to your pool, this may out a few choices as they will be unable to assist you. Contractors have different specialties. So be sure you are aware of what a chosen contractor can do, that way you get the end product you desire. Some offer higher prices because they offer higher quality. This also means they are able to accomplish tasks others cannot. So, if you have a specific style in mind, make sure that you find a contractor to satisfy that need.

Get It In Writing

Contractor contracts are designed for their protection above all else. This also includes client protection as well. Most contractors worth their salt will offer a warranty in case the job goes bad, or consumers do not appreciate the work done. For this purpose, everything will be in writing. Make sure that everything you want is clearly communicated, and that the contractor’s agreement is documented. This will protect you and provide basis for refund or gratis service.

A good contract should include all materials used, the hours required for manpower, the agreed upon compensation, as well as the complete spec of the job itself. Both client and contractor should know every part of the contract inside and out. Finally, the warranty provided should also take care of pool maintenance as well as overall construction.