Detailing on the perfect stone designs

About the brand

Precision Stone Design is one of the leading brands when it comes to the field of designing for various show pieces and masterpieces. It is a customised fabricator of different types of natural and engineered stone and porcelain countertops. Carrying the primary goal of precision, this brand uses a number of 3D software to design the various pieces, select the perfect materials for these and create the perfect products out of these. It has a collection of about 300 different designs of granite, marble, quartz and engineered stones. This article speaks further on this brand and one can view their works via precisionstonedesigns.com.

The features

The following are some of the notable features of this brand that have made it popular in this field: –

  • Using the latest technology of laser templating process, vein matching, CNC waterjet and CNC fabrication in order to improvise on the various products and get the top-notch finishing on each
  • Implementing environment-friendly and sustainable techniques in devising these products and providing the desired results to the clients at reasonable rates
  • Heeding care to the core values of responsiveness, transparency, environmentally conscious and respectfulness towards the clients
  • Aiming for competitive pricing so as to beat the pricing of the competitors and offer the best of the services to the clients. This also includes releasing concession offers in every new season.
  • Providing complete service within the coverage area and completing all of the complex projects within 1 year of sanctioning

Some of the star products

The star products of the brand include the following: –

  • Countertops, that are made up of granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, porcelain, semi-precious stone and other fine materials and available in different shades ranging from light colours to the dark colours
  • Edges made up of both simple as well as curved profiles and having different forms of fillets
  • Sinks and faucets with the finest of finish and composed of different materials to serve the purpose of a large group of audience
  • Quartz vanity of different lighter shades of white and greyish hues

Something for the customer care

The following are some of the features that underline the kind of customer service and care that the brand provides: –

  • Warranty offer up to a year on all kinds of manufacturing defects and is limited to the repair and replacement of the pieces. The requisite labour charges are also included in the same.
  • Availability of the installation guides of the various products so as to make the customers aware of their products and hence they can also think of the requisite solutions in case of an issue
  • A 24*7 customer care catering to all of the queries of the customers and ensuring that all of these get answered within a short gap of time

Hence, in a nutshell, Precision Stone Design has created a very stronghold in its respective field. One can easily refer to precisionstonedesigns.comand view on not only the products but also the various articles that detail on the latest technology and recent trends of the home décor market.