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Countertop for Kitchen | Granite Selection or Quartz Selection

You have just moved into your new house and you are thinking to make changes in your kitchen area but still, a lot confused on what to put on your kitchen’s countertop then this article is exactly for you. While building up a new house it is usually the kitchen area which we want to be nicely sorted and beautiful for eyes because an unsorted kitchen will make you run for little things a lot and a kitchen with an unattractive look will not lead you to cook something interesting in the kitchen. The biggest hassle is to choose a countertop for your kitchen area; mostly one gets confused between granite countertops and quartz countertops so we will have a comparison between the two.

A Granite Countertop

If someone is looking something for a countertop for his kitchen area then mostly granite countertop is the first thing which comes to his mind but does granite selection is always worth for putting in your kitchen? Definitely, granite has a heavy heat-resistant quality so it is really a thing for the purpose in the matter of kitchen area, it does not blister and it cannot get scratches easily by any means. Granite is a natural resource and it is little porous so there are chances that some amount of water or any liquid can get inside your countertop in any manner. Granite sometimes has a very small amount of natural fractures but there are very rare chances that granite countertop which you are getting for your kitchen so there is no need to be worried about. Granite has a melting point of 1215-1260 ⁰C so which is quite great to be used in the kitchen area. In chicago most of the houses have chosen granite countertop for their kitchen because of its look and it is a natural resource.

A Quartz Countertop

The biggest competition to granite is quartz in the matter of countertops for the kitchen area. Quartz basically is a man-made resource and it has a higher melting point that granite which is 1670 ⁰C which simply shows that it is more durable than granite. Unlike granite, quartz does not have any natural fracture which means it is clearly very clean and polished and one of the key elements of quartz is that it is non-porous o there is no chance that any amount of water or some other liquid can get through it.

After all this comparison it simply depends on whether you want a natural thing or a man-made thing.  On one hand, granite has much more beauty in it and some small imperfections with some color variations but a lesser melting point in comparison with quartz. Quartz is non-porous which simply means that it is more durable than granite. If you are doing things with keeping the budget in mind then I should tell you that quartz is a little expensive in comparison with granite. It is around 20-30% expensive than granite.