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4 Smart and Stylish Ideas For Super Small Kitchens

Do you always worry that you’re not getting a great cooking experience out of your small kitchen? Do you feel claustrophobic whenever you enter your kitchen or feel cramped and clutter and like objects might fall on you? If your answer to these questions is YES, then worry no more because the smart and stylish version of your little kitchen is just around the corner- some tweaking on your creative side maybe just the key to your frustrations!

In this piece, we will make sure that you will no longer be missing the best cooking years of your life by incorporating these tips we have prepared just for you!

  1. Organize Your Cabinetry Strategically

Your cabinets are a great help in making your tiny kitchen look less cluttered. Make sure to get the most out of your cabinetry by arranging your plates, mugs and bowls strategically. It is better to organize your kitchen wares by colour so everything looks streamlined and cohesive.

Remember that even when you don’t have much space, you can still maximize your tiny kitchen by helping your shelves and cabinets live up to their full potential. Decide which kitchen wares you can do without. Dispose of those that cannot be used and donate the others that can still function to donation centres. Decluttering your kitchen from objects that no longer serves you will definitely freshen up the atmosphere within your cooking area.

Only the things that actually give value to your kitchen should be kept and those that are not must go! This will not only make your kitchen looks amazing but it will also prevent you from suffering anxiety caused by a chaotic kitchen where your cooking materials are unable to locate.

  1. Add A Functional Kitchen Island/Peninsula

Kitchen islands are considered effective in allowing a smooth workflow and cozy area for preparing and cooking meals. They vary in size and shape and there are smaller in dimensions that allow for a practical yet functional kitchen island that works best for your tiny kitchen.

Planning your island layout can be a little tricky and challenging as kitchen islands include seating and storage. In doing so, make sure to consider the size of the room, the number of people in the house and how they use the cooking area.

It is practical to allow some considerable amount of clearance between your island and the opposing cabinets so that all the drawers and doors can be safely opened without any difficulty. A clearance zone suitable for one person working in the kitchen is ideal so as to make the space feel less hazardous and not crowded too.

  1. Pare Down Your Kitchen Belongings

Most people collect kitchen stuff more than the bare minimum over time. Whether you own a small or a big kitchen, it is best to stick to the basic kitchen essentials which are necessary for preparing and cooking meals. This will not only prevent you from wasting your money and time shopping but it will also organize your kitchen beneficial for your workflow.

In purchasing furniture and other cooking materials for your kitchen, try to restrict yourself from buying just because you find a certain plate or bowl cute. Instead, ask yourself if these will help you in preparing and cooking your food. It is good to ask these questions before heading to a furniture shop to avoid kitchen items just idly seating in your cabinets, piling up dusts and dirt. Paring down on unnecessary kitchen objects to the bare minimum will surprise you of how much space you can utilise for other purposes.

  1. Brighten Up Your Kitchen!

Lighting serves a vital role in making a significant effect on the performance as well as the aesthetic of your kitchen. It actually sets the tone of your cooking area so if your kitchen is not properly lit, your cooking experience may be compromised and it may even expose you to the risks of getting yourself hurt.

The good news for most homeowners with super small kitchen is that plenty of lighting systems are now available in the market which answers for your varying needs. For a small kitchen, it is advisable to set up a cohesive lighting system to make your tiny kitchen feel spacious and sleek. Placing task lighting over the area where you do the preparation for cooking like chopping can create efficient and functional workspaces. Customised island lights work best above your kitchen island to completely light the entire island.

See, the size of your kitchen does not really matter so long as you have the proper lighting system in place. Just always be mindful that the best kitchen lighting should not limit your movement around your kitchen and must transform your kitchen’s appearance significantly by highlighting the beauty of its accessories and effects like your cabinets, countertops, shelves and even your utensils.


A small kitchen is not boring. What is boring is freedom without limitation. A tiny kitchen has proved to challenged homeowners to be more creative in converting their kitchen into a stylish yet functional one. Thus, when it comes to kitchens, size does not matter because no matter how small or big your kitchen is, if you know how to stretch your imagination beyond normal, you will be able to transform your super small kitchen into something stylish, sleek and airy.