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Safeguard Your Property Against Burglars With These Tips

Are you worried about crime, particularly burglary? If so, you can safeguard your home. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Keep Windows and Doors Locked

Keeping your door open or window open is inviting bad guys to go into your home. This is why it’s important to close them and lock them, regardless if you’re home or not home. Strong window locks can do wonders but do make sure you update your window locks if it’s needed. Bad guys can easily spot weak locks, whether it’s door locks or window locks.

Every door in your home should have a deadbolt lock. As for sliding doors, install vertical locks, as well as a wooden rod or metal rod in the track. This will make it hard to force them open or from being lifted off of their tracks.

Also, always lock your front door when you leave the house, even if you’re going to be away for a very short period of time. If it’s raining outside or storming, then still lock up. Remember, bad guys still operate when the weather is bad.

Never forget about your garage door. Burglars love targeting garage doors because it usually means they’ll be able to gain entry into the home. Lock up your garage door at all times.

Install New Locks When You Move Into a New Home

If you’re renting a place, then ask your landlord to put in new locks, if they have yet to do it. You don’t know if the previously used keys were duplicated, even if they were returned to the landlord. You want to be as safe as possible and this is why you want to have the locks changed. If you bought a place, then do it yourself.

Get a Lockbox Or Safe

Get a safe or a lockbox. If possible, secure the safe to the floor by having it bolted down. Many bad guys will just enter a home, lift the safe and then leave with it. It’s a good idea to buy a document safe that requires a passcode but do make sure you keep it safe or give it to a person you trust.

Don’t Keep Spare Keys Outside

Never store your spare keys outside because bad guys will look under plant pots and mats to check for them. On that note, you shouldn’t label your keys because this will make it easy for bad guys to know more things about you and your property. If possible, give your spare keys to a neighbour you trust. If you live in the countryside, then buy a combo lockbox and put in somewhere on your property, preferably in a discreet area.

Install a Home Security System

Security systems are packed with many features, and some of them include sensors on doors, sensors on windows, motion detectors and an alarm that is installed outdoors. Some systems include security cameras. What you want to do is find a system that has the features that you think are the most useful.

Also, find a reputable company to buy the alarm system from. Once your home security system is installed, you want to use it regularly. Sure, this may seem a bit of a hassle, but it is worth it.

Plus, many criminals know that people don’t like using their security systems because of the effort involved. Always use your security system and don’t just assume that stickers or signs in your yard are enough to deter criminals. It may deter some, but not all.

In order to reduce incidences of false alarms, you want to tell your loved ones about your system. False alarms will annoy people who live nearby. Not only that, but you might be hit with expensive fines.

The final tip we have for you is to use metal bars or safety glass. These can be used to reinforce your windows. Plus, bad guys will likely not be able to get into your home via windows that are reinforced.