Natural Stone Amps Up Luxury Quotient

Regardless of whether or not you have a budget, or money is of no concern, natural stone is an ideal choice and readily incorporated to nearly any design and it will make things stand out.

From large stone slabs of all natural stone to smaller more mindful spaces, it offers a unique detail and is a luxury that is unsurpassed and rarely goes unnoticed.

Natural Stone Outside as a Luxury

For anyone who wishes to elevate the look of their home and incorporate more natural stone, they may wish to consider the options that go beyond the typical kitchen and bath renovations. Susan Kathryn Toth, who is the principal of Version International, Inc., which is a residential interior design company based out of Toronto, Ontario, has found that slate roofs, for example, and are stunning.

There are other gorgeous and luxurious applications such as limestone used as headers and sills. “Granite” is still a very practical and popular choice for door sills she states.

Elevating Natural Stone Via Application: Details Matter

Many of us aren’t seeking to change the exterior of our homes as much as we’re seeking to change the interior. It makes sense that natural stone can also afford us the opportunity to make the interior of our homes luxurious as well.

Natural stone reaches past the typical uses of a countertop or flooring. Consider marble tile walls in a washroom for luxury.

In one such washroom renovation, Toth played off the strategic placement of skylights in a bedroom with Blue Azul marble for the baseboards and flooring. Offset with a Carrara marble vanity.

In a recent remodel done by Zen Kuchen, a company in Richmond, London, the use of natural stone was exemplified with field tile and slabs that were mixed with a contemporary stone mosaic.

Homeowners that were interested in such detail, customised the design with the materials that the customers wanted. This done in the palette that any client prefers.


Homeowners can select from such semi-precious stones as Amethyst for details. They can coordinate with full walls such as Breccia Capraia slabs. This offers a breath-taking warm white marble look and distinctive purple veining. This per Joshua Levinson, the president of Artistic Tile.

So the details are enriched when the natural stone is placed in its proper alignment. The luxurious material being installed is important as this will enhance it. They can make seamless applications and designs per April Graves, the Vice President of the company, Aria Stone Gallery. Many consider cladding entire rooms in the same stone and pay attention that the veins are all in alignment.

Graves suggests going out of the traditional methods of applications and considering quad matched stones on walls and in hallways.

One client, for Aria Stone Gallery, chose Verde Aurora marble for an entire wall. It makes a perfect backdrop for the telly and the fireplace. Up close and personal the detail is quad matched. The veins are all in perfect alignment to giving a dramatic impact of natural stone.

You can buy large slabs of stone and ensure that they are seamlessly transitioned in between slabs. The template is a design that can show off a stone’s all natural beauty. And it can combine with an integrated sink. Such recent advancements like waterjet technology can cut the stone and entire walls to create and design with intricate designs.

Levinson agrees full wall slab walls are gorgeous in their elemental form. The book matched and heavily veined slabs offer particular visual interest. Heavily veined stone tiles ones are all one of a kind. To make a bold statement of the sophistication and beauty of nature.

Graves takes the time to remind clients that the all-natural stone is gorgeous as a work of art bringing a bit of nature inside. It offers a sense of calm and peace and tranquillity all while impacting the environment. There are few materials that offer such benefits to homeowners and so much luxury.